BAE case study

Delivering defence maintenance safely with SageSURPASS

BAE Systems Australia utilises SageSURPASS when undertaking major upgrades and maintenance on the ANZAC vessels at its site in Henderson, Western Australia.

According to Maintenance Systems Manager at BAE Systems, Ross Crawford, the SageSURPASS integrated electronic safe work system - which incorporates permit to work, risk assessment, and isolation management - has provided significant efficiency gains for the company

“From developing isolation plans, through to the physical issue of certificates and tags, SageSURPASS has met all our requirements. It has reduced our staff-hours and costs, increased on-site safety, and ensured greater compliance” ~ Ross Crawford, Maintenance Systems Manager

The challenge

Prior to adopting SageSURPASS, BAE Systems used a paper based permit system consisting of logs and spreadsheets.

The company was prompted to look for a more sophisticated and robust database permit system when the scale of its work for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on the ANZAC vessels increased.

“BAE Systems now takes material control of the vessels from the RAN during upgrades and our programs of work require more than 4500 separate isolations, with multiple isolation users for different maintenance and upgrade tasks,” Ross said.

“The high demand for providing ‘lock out’ and ‘tag out’ (LOTO) isolations, and managing these in a paper based system, presented an unacceptable risk to BAE Systems, our client, contractors and labour force.”

The solution

SageSURPASS is an integrated safe work system that replaces paper processes and allows businesses to control their sites and shutdowns safely and efficiently.

It helps standardise hazard identification and risk assessment procedures across a workforce and incorporates planning, risk assessment, hazard conflict warning, isolation management and permitry.

“The transition to SageSURPASS reduced the risk associated with managing a high demand paper based system, and also provided additional benefits in the ability to search isolation points by contractor/user, compartment or system, and status,” Ross said.

“SageSURPASS is now fully embedded into our operations and we are looking to expand its capability into permit control for confined spaces, hot works and other high risk activities. “Furthermore, as we enter our next major program we are exploring mobile options to improve efficiency.”

The recommendation

Ross described the support provided by the team at Sage Technology to deliver SageSURPASS as “excellent”.

“They took the time to get a clear understanding of our needs, production model and environment; and then tailored a product to meet our requirements.

“At all stages we worked together and were provided the highest level of professional support.

“I’d recommend SageSURPASS to any business that has a need to effectively manage permits to work and ensure the safety of its people,” Ross said.

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