Lockout Tagout Software

Never hand write a tag again with our lockout tagout software – two solutions for medium-size enterprises or less hazardous facilities that want to improve worker and plant safety


SageISOLATE is a comprehensive isolation management system which adds rigour and efficiency to your isolation processes.

SageISOLATE is a good fit for medium-size enterprises or those with single workflows. With a full upgrade path to SageSURPASS, it’s also a great way to bring staged and scaled electronic isolation management into sites.

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of incidents caused by handwriting legibility issues on permits, certificates and tags.

MAnage Isolations

Powerful isolation management functions include templates, cross referencing, isolation point validation and tag printing.

Greater Visibility

Greater visibility of isolations via kiosk mode for all personnel when not logged in and the ability to search and view isolation certificate status at any time.

Identify Conflicts

Automatic cross referencing functions identify potential conflicts and prevent tags from being printed until it is safe to proceed.

Save time

Isolation lists for repeat works can be saved and reused, slashing planning time and facilitating returning plant to service in a fraction of the time.

No handwriting

High speed tag printing on durable tag material avoiding the need for manual hand writing.


Use automated transactional log providing a detailed history trail of all actions.

Isolation List
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SageTAG allows your business to build and maintain reusable isolation lists and print tags quickly and easily, providing a solution that will introduce immediate returns by saving time and reducing the risk caused by handwritten tags.

Isolation Lists

Create, plan and approve isolation lists for specific tasks. Isolation lists can be reused which saves time and produces consistently higher quality isolation instructions.

Sequences isolation points for efficient isolation implementation.

High speed tag printing

High speed tag printing on durable tag material avoiding the need for manual hand writing of tags.

Danger Tag

Portable Tag Printer

This low-cost portable tag printer weighs less than three kilos and prints heavy duty long-lasting tags, featuring all the isolation data you need to complete your job safely and quickly.

The portable tag printer has a much lower purchase price than similar models on the market, and is completely portable – allowing you to print from different locations or across multiple sites, drastically reducing tag wait times.

This model is ideal for smaller scale shuts, remote sites or temporary permit offices.

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