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SageSURPASS is a web-based permit to work software system that replaces paper processes and allows you to control your site and shutdowns.   As an integrated safe system of work, it incorporates planning, risk assessment, hazard conflict warning as well as isolation management and permitry.

This powerful work management tool is built around workflows that enforce your business rules ensuring approvals are obtained at the right time by the right people.   SageSURPASS encompasses planning, requesting, assessing risks, controlling hazards, identifying conflicts through to isolations, restorations and lock management - whilst significantly reducing manhours and costs, ensuring compliance, and increasing on-site safety.

From isolations, confined space, hot work, excavation, working at heights, radiation and gas test certificates through to ground disturbance permits, SageSURPASS matches your company’s workflows and permitry needs.

Optimise shutdowns

Streamline shutdown planning and ensure safe work planning with a suite of tools including permit plotting, diagrammatic displays of permits and linked certificates, and cross referencing of shared plant items and isolations. Permits can be linked to a specific shutdown, so if a date moves – so do the permits. There are even warnings that prevent conflicting works from being scheduled.

Reduce Risk

Store and retrieve all of your existing workplace hazards and controls, isolation templates, job descriptions, risk assessments, and procedures – ensure a standardised approach across your site, reducing the risk of human error.

Leading Practice Isolation

Full isolation and lockout tagout (LOTO) management capabilities, with standard isolation lists, automated isolation conflict prevention, isolation point validation, check lists, tag printing, isolation procedures/HV switching programs, and a baseline isolation method calculation tool.

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Integrate and communicate

Optimise your operations by integrating permit information with your core enterprise information and control systems, including asset management, human resource, document management, access, SCADA, and GIS.

Work in the field

Latest responsive design enables SageSURPASS to be accessed across multiple devices in the plant or in the field and there’s a range of mobilised apps just for performing remote isolations.


All actions are recorded in a log and can be easily retrieved for incident reporting and auditing purposes.

Our expertise working for you

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Health and Safety Managers can ensure the company’s workflows and permitry requirements are being met, from isolations and excavations, to working at heights and gas test certificates.

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Permit Coordinators can identify and manage conflicts and congestion using a range of simultaneous operations tools – diagrammatic display, hazard conflict warning, permit plotting.

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Supervisors can identify where work is taking place and any permits linked on a graphical display can be viewed from a PC or a tablet.

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Maintenance workers can now use mobile apps to isolate, verify and restore plant from the field, using smart phones and tablets.

Where it all began

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Sage Technology has been developing, implementing and supporting electronic permit to work systems since 1998, all beginning with its first ePTW system - the Permit Administration System (PAS).

PAS provides a full permit lifecycle and isolation management solutions and is still used today by many companies across power generation, minerals processing and manufacturing sites, both in Australia and internationally.

Although PAS has been superseded by SageSURPASS, Sage Technology has incorporated all of the hallmark features from its initial ground-breaking system into SageSURPASS to continue to deliver safe work systems around the globe.

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