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Hazard Identification Risk Assessment

Standardise hazard identification and risk assessment procedures across your workforce with the SageSURPASS risk management tools, or our Cloud solution. Add a new level of rigour to your processes, from routine maintenance tasks through to high risk activities such as confined space, hot work, and high voltage.

Global risk standards are embedded in our risk assessment software tools.

Managing risk made easy

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The HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) tool offers standard controls for the risks and hazards in your business, and allows even the most inexperienced members of your team to follow the correct procedures and achieve a high quality assessment every time.

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SageSURPASS automatically determines the appropriate level of isolation required based on plant type, substance, pressure and other factors in accordance with Appendix Six of The Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment, Health and Safety Executive (HSE, UK:2006).

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SageSURPASS can plot the location of work parties, identify hazard conflicts and cross reference plant and isolation points to identify potential breaches and conflicts before they occur.

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The HIRA tool drives a number of other processes including automatically determining: specialist approvals, requirements for attached documents, additional high risk certificates, risk escalation approvals, permit types and whether a higher level of risk assessment is required.

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